Logistics: SSR/Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

Our investment in the SSR is delivering significant returns from oil and grain transport and connecting to the CPR network in Regina.

SSR/Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
The SSR is working hard to build additional traffic volumes, diversify into new businesses and add new customers.

Logistics: Stewart Southern Railway (SSR)/Northgate

The SSR and Northgate are located at the heart of the Bakken oil formation and the centre of the North American breadbasket.

Stewart Southern Railway / CPR
Ceres is working to expand the volumes on the SSR and to build-out Northgate.

Logistics: Northgate/BNSF

The Northgate Hub will connect with the BNSF Rail Network, giving shippers direct access to customers in 28 states, numerous Pacific and Gulf ports, and Mexico, along BNSF’s 32,000 mile network.

Northgate will further diversify Ceres’ logistics business while also acting as a catalyst to revitalize Riverland Ag.
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